When do monsters come?


This is a collection of witty and relatable rhyming stories about monsters who come when children are resisting every day occurrences- and Mum has the secret to make them go away!

Mum screams:

  • Stop fighting!
  • Wear your coat!
  • Don’t be rude!
  • Cut your nails!
  • Wash your hair!
  • Clean your hands!

Nobody listens:

Mum can now stop screaming.
Bella and Ethan learnt about the stories that made monsters come… Thankfully, Mum also had the secret to make the monsters who come, go away for good!

They just might listen after these rhyming, witty stories of Monsters that come when children are resisting every day occurrences.
These relatable stories take your child on a journey of imagination and contemplation, and allows them to realise the satisfaction they can feel in surrendering to simple, everyday necessities. This is compliance at its best!

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